Celebrating over 45 years serving the marine, scientific, and offshore oil and gas industry, Dominion Diving Limited has established the reputable designation of being Canada’s Diving, ROV, and Marine Specialists.


  • Secure Property.
  • Centrally located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Over 3,420 sq-ft of office space including all amenities.
  • Current workforce of 46 – Management and Staff.


  • Air Diving/Sat Diving Maintenance Facility.
  • Offshore Diving Stores/Equipment Room.


Marine Laydown & Operations Terminal

  • Two acre secured compound.
  • Located in Dartmouth Cove, central in Halifax harbour.
  • 200’ of sheet pile and concrete faced pier with 18’ water depth quay side.
  • Roll on - Roll Off (Ro Ro) reinforced pier at south face to facilitate loading/offloading of large cranes and heavy equipment on Barges.

ROV Shop

  • ROV Electronic Maintenance Facility
  • ROV Hydraulic Maintenance Facility
  • ROV Mechanical Maintenance Facility
  • ROV Equipment (Electric and Hydraulic) Testing Area

ROV Storage

  • ROV climate controlled storage area
  • Green Tag testing and Quality Control System


  • Fluids and dangerous goods, and International Waste
    management– loading, offloading, transport, and storage.
  • Floating workshop/dock for in-house fleet management.
  • 24 hour emergency and non emergency operations.
    We have on site: Cranes - 80 Ton Crawler, 22 Ton all terrain,
    8 Ton boom truck, and 2-3 Ton all weather forklift.

Staging area for:

  • Major Vessel Repair Support Operations
  • Pipeline Construction and Launch
  • Ships Stores and Supply Support
  • 6 Steel Dive/Tug Boats
  • 90’ Offshore Tug/Supply/Research Vessel
  • Emergency Environmental Response Deployment
  • 10 Barges (Flack Deck and Fluids Transport)

Dartmouth Offices:




NFLD Offices: