Dominion Diving Limited is at the forefront of diving expertise, with the ability to provide sub sea solutions to any complex project or task and respond on a 24 hour basis. Our core inshore diving services include: class ship inspection, hull cleaning, in-water dry crack repair, salvage, under water welding/burning, and all aspects of marine construction.

With a vast array of specialized equipment including: 3 certified decompression chambers, offshore rated mixed gas diving system, a wide variety of hydraulic tooling, combined with an unmatched experienced workforce, Dominion Diving maximizes efficiency while ensuring safe execution and ultimate success of the project.

Dominion routinely supports Offshore Diving Operations for the Oil and Gas industry through the provision of: Project Management Engineers, Air and Saturation Supervisors/Divers, LST’s, DSS’s, Client Representatives, and Procurement services.

Dominion Diving offers Marine Services throughout Atlantic Canada and Offshore. The company is centrally located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. For all inquiries please contact us @ 902-434-5120.

  • Saturation vs. Air Diving

A perspective by Robin Lohnes, CEO, Dominion Diving Ltd.

wet-bell350px The demands of the offshore oil and gas industry have driven the advancement of all methods of offshore diving under the restrictive limits of human physiology. Offshore air diving is the traditional method for up to 50 metres of water depth.

Saturation diving is suited for depths of up to 500 metres, thus clearly illustrating a prominent depth advantage to saturation diving. Surface Decompression Air Diving systems are relatively simple in configuration and can be mobilized to a variety of DP2 vessels in a short period of time. Charter rates for

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